Hello and Welcome - We are so happy to see you!

Please be aware of the following:

Masks are once again required. Please be sure to wear a mask when entering Fish or moving about inside the building. 

Food ordered for Pick Up or To Go cannot be eaten on Fish premises. 

Do not seat yourself or anyone in your group prior to everyone ordering at the register. Tables are reserved for the guests who have waited in line and completed ordering. If you seat yourself prior to ordering we will ask you to move. And that is no fun for you and no fun for us. 

Please be kind and wait your turn.


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Come enjoy the freshest seafood and waterfront dining. 

Yes - we are dog friendly!

We do not take reservations

Open Daily 11:30am - 8:30pm

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Fish Market

Did You Know? At Fish. Restaurant we have a Fish Market where you will find

Sustainably Sourced Seafood that you can cook at home. Need Help?

Just ask one of our Chefs and they'll be happy to help inspire you!

Please call ahead to ask about today's fresh catch or visit the restaurant.

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We work hard to create the most inventive and great tasting dishes you'll love with a limited and ever depleting amount of proteins (Fish). It matters to us that we know where our fish come from and the manner in which they are caught.

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