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We'd Rather Go
    Salmon-Less Than Eat Farmed And Here's Why

Sausalito, CA -
Wild Salmon numbers are at an all time low. At Fish. Restaurant we serve Wild Salmon when we are able to get it from a trusted sustainable source but when we can't we won't use farmed salmon and neither should you. Here are the reasons why...

Crowding, Poop (That's right we said it), Disease, Toxins, Dye, Invaders, Killings, and Less Food.

Got your attention? Let's break it down.

Crowding - at salmon farms, thousands of fish are crowded into net pens with serious health repercussions for both the surrounding waters and the salmon themselves.

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Fish. is open seven days a week, from 11:30am - 8:30pm, so come on down to the water and eat the freshest and most sustainable choices in food you'll find anywhere.


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Dear Little Billy,
What the heck can I do about this big Salmon problem?
 - Willing to Help

Dear Willing to Help,
Okay, I've got a few siggesst, er, recummind, um, answers. Choose Wild Salmon, don't eat farmed. Let your political representatives know that Wild Salmon matter to you. Don't blame every fishermen out there. Wild Salmon are threatened for many reasons not just over fishing but there are fishermen right in our own backyard (literally) who fish responsibly, sustainably and without hurting the ocean or planet. Call Kenny at Fish to find out who these folks are.

Dear Little Billy,
What is a sustainable fishing enviromnent?
- Hungry in Marin

Dear Hungry,
A sus-what? Aw shucks, I'm just a kid. I can't say those big words. But my pa tells me it's where everyone wins on account a they're putting back the fish when they catch 'em. That way there's always some for me to catch! Anyway, check out some of these links on this page for stuff about fish, and stuff.
- Little Billy

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