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Did you know that Fish. Restaurant in Sausalito has been awarded

A Certificate of Recognition

by the California Legislature Assembly?

That's right.
Fish Restaurant was given the Sustainable North Bay Award to honor our commitment to protecting wild fish populations and helping the local economy by supporting local fishermen.

The California State Legislature thanked Fish Restaurant for leading the way and for setting an example for others to follow.

It warmed our cockles to have the work we feel so passionate about and the message that we try to communicate to the public everyday in everyway recognized.

Why Do People Come
to Fish. Restaurant?

Well there are many, many reasons. But number one, as we hope everyone knows by now, is our passion for the Oceans and Rivers Sustainability. We do our darnedest to create the most inventive and great tasting dishes you'll love with a limited and ever depleting amount of proteins (Fish) available. It matters to us that we know where our Fish are coming from and the manner in which they are caught.

Have you ever wondered what the F/V means up on the Specials board at Fish? It stands for Fishing Vessel. We know the name of the vessel, the fisherman who owns that boat and the manner in which the fish we take delivery of were caught.
We create wonderful dishes using small farmer and organic fruits and vegetables and always have vegetarian dishes available too.

Another reason to come to Fish is the spectacular waterfront location and the dog and child friendly atmosphere.

But Hey Don't Just Take Our Word For It - Here Are Some Other Opinions

Sustainability & Eating Fish


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Dear Little Billy,
What is a sustainable fishing enviromnent?
- Hungry in Marin

Dear Hungry,
A sus-what? Aw shucks, I'm just a kid. I can't say those big words. But my pa tells me it's where everyone wins on account a they're putting back the fish when they catch 'em. That way there's always some for me to catch! Anyway, check out some of these links on this page for stuff about fish, and stuff.
- Little Billy

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                CA 94965 415 331-FISH 415 331-3421 (fax)